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Filling the Vienna sausages/ discount store Aldi-Nord.

Wed, 8 Mar 2023 15:32:53 +0100

Ursula Sabisch 

info@zurmuehlen-group.com, info@boeklunder.de

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Chemnitzer Wurstspezialitaeten GmbH & Co. KG   

Mauersbergerstraße 8 09117 Chemnitz +49 371 8145-0 Germany   


Boeklunder meat and sausage products GmbH & Co. KG        

Gewerbestraße 1 24860 Böklund


International Women's Day 2023

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen in the Sausage Processing Industry,*  

According to the labeling of the package of your Wiener sausages (available at Aldimarkt Nord), which are provided with the above-mentioned manufacturer's data and the Internet address www.boeklunder.de, my person would like to point out to you that the Wiener sausages very often have a chemical aftertaste just under the skin.   

This unpleasant aftertaste is sometimes not at all but often more or less clearly noticeable especially probably when the process in the sausage factory was interrupted and made necessary by a new connection to the chemical club to be able to press the meat sausage into the skin.      

Unfortunately, my person can not clearly name whether it is a kind of nitrogen or what kind of propellant.


Just today, on the woman's day my person wanted to make also publicly clear that one cannot take a housewife "for a fool" by processing or treating food chemically or hormonally unrestrictedly, since everyone looks only at the favorable Discounter price and everything further to bottle up, to let it become clear once!!!        

The new age illnesses do not come by chance and if one begins with the taste change of a product, even if this chemistry should be harmless for the body, then the next step is a dangerous taste change, which nobody notices or criticizes any more!   

It becomes very high time to find back to the unrestricted healthy food and to a healthy activity in the professional life, by revaluing the handicraft, as it can be a small or middle-class enterprise with a butcher master and his employees, and it becomes time that the housewife activity receives again the value, which brings the pure use for the people and the family and no longer the health of the people can be put on the dirty play!  

The fact that a housewife and mother has to receive in the future a financial wage for her provable activity, should be likewise beyond question.


Since my person has little time for permanent repetitions and admonitions in the matter, this e-mail must be published representatively for all other sausage and meat factories into one of the valuable home pages of my person!

I hope for your understanding on the today's woman's day, because sometime a reasonable beginning must be found in the matter and thus we begin immediately with the "Viennese sausages", in order to let it become once quite clear!!!     

Thus my person remains with friendly greetings,

Ursula Sabisch




*Expression corrected.