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Eutin, Berlin-Copenhagen and Hamburg

Eutin, Berlin-Copenhagen and Hamburg

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany  

To the

Luebeck Local Court

Am Burgfeld 7

23568 Luebeck


                                                                                             To the

Social-psychiatric Service    

z. H. Mr. H.      



Luebeck, January 9, 2023


Greatest judge of all times/ your file/ business number/ 402 XVII 44209 dated 06.01.2023

The German language document you may find here!


Dear Judge Mrs. M........, Dear Mr. H., Dear Sirs,            

It is with the greatest admiration that I have now taken the trouble to send you and your kind these lines about the procedure of the District Court of Luebeck.   

You had many options to get into the conversation with my person, but as a matter of course you found one of the dirtiest ways to disregard the only person who can recognize with distance who indeed needs care and who has to be so ill to be admitted to a psychiatric ward.   

Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein https://www.ursulasabisch.netsempress.net/neustadt-in-schleswig-holstein.html

If only the slightest thing should have happened to my son, Mr. H., then you, among others, will have to learn to care for your son equally every day!!!!           

With kind regards 

Ursula Sabisch   


Attached is information material, for which you should be more than only grateful as the greatest greatest rulers of all times and your kind!!!

-------- Forwarded message --------    

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Goodbye loans, hello saving!
Sat, 7 Jan 2023 14:48:32 +0100
Ursula Sabisch 
Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, https://www.sky.netsempress.net
To Creditplus Bank AG    

Große Bäckerstr. 9      

20095 Hamburg    

CC/  To all financial institutions and banks        


To the FRG

z. H. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

z. H. Chancellor Olaf Scholz 

z. H. Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann


                Governments throughout Europe              

Distribution list

Please Europe-wide and then Worldwide!       

Luebeck, 07 Jan. 2023


Goodbye "Luebeck". Hello Hamburg!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of CreditPlus Bank, Dear Readers,

You may have great difficulty in perceiving reality, and for this reason my person is once again writing these lines to you and other like-minded people. However, not only this e-mail, but an IP camera recording made by my person should bring you down to earth very quickly, which is attached.  (Is not available on the Internet).
You throw with the money around, by wanting to give generous credits, although exactly this money is needed quite urgently for example in Yemen, because it goes there daily by lack of fortune around life and death particularly for many children. You and like-minded people want to earn money with money, although the money or fortune does not belong to you at all! Completely others have earned the money and these others will get the money now or must take up! To it my person belongs. To it belongs Emperor Diethard and King Juergen. To it belong some who are already deceased!

For this reason also you will please provide for the security in the matter and in the commission of the Lord and Creator for this category of the "bread earners", in that at least the accommodation respectively the home of the authorities must be secured!     
That means: The Emperor and his entourage is safe in the castle Eutin and in a villa near Eutin lake. The King and his entourage is safe in the castle Bellevue Berlin and in the castle Christiansborg Copenhagen. My person, the Empress is safe in a villa in Hamburg, Schoene Aussicht number ? as well as in Luebeck, in the Hohe Warte II at present, whereby these above-mentioned real estates must be regarded as respective property of the residents mentioned!

In order to be able to secure also the own children of my person, my person needs its demanded pocket money at a value of four million euro, in order to receive it tax-free and as fast as possible, under the announced conditions, which were bound to this pocket money of my person.    
Explanations or information in the matter as for the attached rather here bad IP recordings receive the responsible persons in the matter with exception of the Emperor exclusively in the psychiatric hospital in Neustadt Holstein, there where these people, with exception of the King, as patients have to briefly come in. On a polite and formal invitation to the necessary discussions is put value on the part of my person!   

Chess against "the computer or that computer thing" is quite obviously finished and now probably soccer starts in the "final stage", which hopefully will not change any more!
Come to yourselves and take care for the fact, that the hunger and the misery in the world are ended lastingly without the worldwide Television reports about it. Furthermore you take care please for the fact, that concerning the attached miraculous IP-recording all abortions are ended without exception, so that my person can accept her urgently needed pocket money.

Inform please in this connection also the so-called two large Christian churches, which must take as model function billion amounts into the hand, in order to end immediately however lastingly the hunger and the misery on the world, by also a cultural demand as consideration in the matter may not be overlooked and must be taken as a basis. This is finally exclusively matter of the "sky", however only with the help of the entire mankind convertible*, whereby preferably my person and for example the person(s) ........... ...* play a supporting role!     

We as mankind have no longer much to lose, we can only win!    

With friendly greetings, Ursula Sabisch      


HP: So that no misunderstandings arise, my person would like to point out that Luebeck will come sooner or later in the execution mentioned in my homepages, which is to be carried out also with the help of soldiers!          

*HP: The resolution will have to change for the Luebeck to their disadvantage on the basis

of the above-mentioned letter still.     

*09.01.2023 Document supplemented.

21.01.2023 Document for the public made.