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The Sunday

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck


The Pastors, Deans and Ministers


The Word on Sunday


Luebeck, 30 April 2015

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The Word on Sunday

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Clergy!

THE last WORD on SUNDAY is now the occasion for this letter, as it seems that no one triggers or effects anything real against the spirit of the times any more, by making use of the great publicity and putting the true facts on the table, but basically expressing exactly what the people feel, and the bottom line is that the frustration for the viewers is relieved for a moment.

Hope, for example, is also given to the viewers or consolation is given for a brief moment, so that you yourselves as the actual "doer in God's name" get a relief and also feel it, by having dealt with the grievances of the world order and now speaking out publicly in this regard!

Take, for example, the refugee policy in the Mediterranean region, which was the subject of the last WORD ON SUNDAY, where one could have signed everything in terms of content.

And yet one thing was missing, as always and at every appropriate opportunity; the courage was missing to speak out clearly and possibly loudly, and the courage was missing to publicly name those responsible, for example people of the european parliament*, who are to be held responsible for these conditions, namely every single person who should be named and scolded. It cannot be that refugee programmes are changed or terminated, whereby quite obviously people are let "walked right into trap" and one still asks for time and understanding.

There are enough well- to very well-trained diplomats and clergy worldwide who could well be in a position to leave the threatened or impoverished people in their home countries on the ground, by seeking and holding political talks to ensure assistance and a future there in the refugees' home countries as well. But this also requires courage and energy to initiate something by order of the Lord and Creator*, and only through activities and means for the construction and for the lives of the people, which are to be distributed more fairly worldwide.

Especially you as Roman Catholic clergy have at present a "boss" on the chair of St. Peter, who will certainly stand behind you if you as a clergyman become quite clear, because also the corresponding responsible person needs for himself/ herself  and his or her life these rebukes and "sermons" in the sense of clear announcements, what is to be used especially for clergymen who live and work in a democracy!

Nobody can clearly separate politics and church, because there are too many overlaps and especially when politics for years was and is not able to provide for a just order also in the name of its own population, then the WORD to SUNDAY comes already too late for many people, which is very shameful, but better late than never!

If I were in that position, I would have found a way to put a lasting end to such abuses. (See homepage)


With best wishes

Ursula Sabisch

As "doers" you had better not forget that we all have a common "boss"

and are only guests on Earth!

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